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Refuge at last...

The 180 sheep are now recovering from their ordeal at a farm north of Bucharest. At this brand new facility, they will be provided with medical care, an appropriate diet, space and time to heal.  

Our dedicated team remains onsite to perform day-to-day care and oversite so that each one of these sheep remains happy and healthy.

Update 1/10/20:

We have finally gained the custody of the surviving sheep that our team pulled from the ship back in November!

Last month, the cargo ship carrying over 14,500 sheep, destined for slaughter in the middle east, capsized off the coast of Romania, trapping and killing almost every animal onboard. With the help of you, our generous and determined supports, the sheep are in our care!

Today, 180 survivors of the original 14,000 sheep on board the ship were taken from where they have been being held with the Romanian authorities. They have arrived at their new home at a more suitable and healthy location in Romania.

Our vets will now do thorough health checks on the sheep, and they will receive everything they need for their recovery ahead. 

These sheep have survived the unimaginable and it is our honor and duty to offer them lifelong care and safety in sanctuary. 

Update 11/30/19: 

FOUR PAWS partner, ARCA, initially had to negotiate with local authorities for access to the ship.  ARCA has been trained for such missions by FOUR PAWS.  The team works together with emergency trained special forces of the ISU, the Romanian Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.  The 5-day mission successfully saved a total of 228 animals.

The rescued sheep are currently in quarantine about 15.5 miles from Midia Novodari, where Romanian official veterinarians are looking after them.  FOUR PAWS and ARCA are involved in negotiating a sustainable and humane solution for the sheep that survived.

FOUR PAWS has been calling for a ban on Live Animal Transport between EU and non-EU countries for decades now sighting not only incidents like this, but cruel and inhospitable transport conditions and inhumane treatment.

11/25/19: On Monday, The Queen Hind carrying a staggering 14,000 live sheep aboard capsized off the coast of Romania. Even though all human crewmembers were rescued, the thousands of sheep were left behind and are now dying slowly and painfully. Queen Hind is quickly becoming a floating coffin.

Thousands of scared, injured and weakened sheep are left to their own devices inside the massive ship. Our Romanian partner, the welfare organization ARCA (Animal Rescue and Care Association), is on-site to help rescue the thousands of trapped animals.

The situation is extremely difficult as dead and dying sheep are scattered all over the ship. 

The knowledge that there are still survivors to be found keeps the team going but they need all the support they can get.

Please support this momentous mission and help the team rescue as many animals as possible. We will continue to fight to get these survivors to reputable sanctuaries and avoid further human exploitation. 

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