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A new beginning for Sahib and Jill

UPDATE 7/25/2020: 

Jill and Sahib have arrived safely at their new forever home, Tierart thanks to our loyal supporters!

As the tigers lived their lives on the road, transportation and rescue for the pair did not require anesthesia, as most rescues do. Our team reported that the tigers walked calmly into their transport crates before they were loaded onto the transport truck. 

The two share a room together and will have their own outdoor enclosure to call home. The staff will give them time to adjust to their new surroundings and caretakers and the experts at our sanctuary will monitor them closely in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for your ongoing support of their future! 

With your support, our Big Cat Centre TIERART can welcome two former circus tigers! 14-year old male Sahib and 13-year old female Jill are ready to start a new life. 

The lives of Sahib and Jill 

Both tigers were bred and born in the Tierpark Nadermann zoo in Germany. In 2007, when they were about one year old, they were sold to a circus. Since then, they spent most of their lives performing tricks for audiences. 

It’s been 13 years. These tigers urgently deserve a new life in a sanctuary. A sanctuary where they will have proper care for the rest of their lives.  

Recently, the owner decided to end his circus business due to the challenges of COVID-19 and for personal reasons. As a result, the tigers have been stuck at a horse ranch in Germany since January 2020. This is obviously an unsuitable environment for the tigers and the owner is desperate for a solution. 

This is why we need your support 

The former owner of the tigers has been willing to work  with FOUR PAWS. He wishes that the two tigers are able to “retire”, and spend the rest of their lives in a species-appropriate environment where they will receive the care and support they deserve. 

Our solution? FOUR PAWS wants to transport these tigers to our Big Cat Centre TIERART, which is only around 53 miles away. 

At our sanctuary, they will receive the highest possible care for their physical, psychological and social needs.  

The tigers are not that young anymore and Jill suffers from bursitis in her elbow, which can cause pain, swelling, and stiffness. Our animal caretakers and wildlife veterinarians are ready to provide the tigers with the best possible care for in their “retirement”. 

What would YOUR donation do? 

Once at TIERART, the tigers will enjoy living in a species-appropriate enclosure that t includes enrichment features such as a swimming pool and climbing structures with platforms to lie on and wood to scratch their claws on. 

In our care, the tigers will be examined and closely monitored with the support of our wildlife veterinarians. 

Your support ensures that Sahib and Jill have access to a suitable diet, medical checks, treatments, and enrichment. They deserve a life away from the stresses of the stage and spotlight. They deserve sanctuary.