Save the Rafah Zoo animals!

With your gift, you are giving the suffering animals of Rafah Zoo the chance to roam free in sanctuary. Any amount counts in this urgent rescue to end the torment of these animals and shut down Rafah Zoo. 

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Your support ended their suffering...

Update May 2019: Emus in sight! 

Our rescue caravan from Rafah Zoo in Gaza felt a little like Noah's arc in between the foxes, porcupines, lions, an ostrich - and three emus. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Princess Alia Foundation and FOUR PAWS, they are now settling into their new home - a private farm where they enjoy proper care and can finally live a happy life. 

Update April 2019: Wind under their wings: freedom at last! 

All three pelicans that we were able to rescue from Rafah Zoo in Gaza were released into the wild a couple of days ago. Now, these water birds can join other pelicans during their yearly migration. We are overwhelmed with joy and relieved that everything worked out as planned! 

Update: Motan and Pisa have made it to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary & Lodge in South Africa.

After a long fight and journey by land and air to freedom, their new forever home has greeted them with a beautiful sunset. Motan boldly explored his enclosure bounding out of his transport crate as if he were a new lion. Pisa is slowly adjusting to her surroundings and is much shyer than Motan but is at peace observing him explore from the safety and comfort of her straw bed while she adjusts to her new life. 

The 3 young lions: Now released to their very own outdoor enclosures on our project partner, in conjunction with the Princess Alia Foundation, Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife in Jordan. Here they will finally have a species-appropriate home to recover and grow. 

Update:  We are bringing them home!
The two lions from Rafah zoo had to endure so much over the years. But after our successful rescue mission, it is finally time for them to go home.  They are currently being prepared for their journey to our big cat sanctuary LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary & Lodge in South Africa. 

We are all anxious and counting the hours before their arrival. We are  dreaming of the moment when they will be exploring their beautiful new enclosure for the first time!

Update April 2019: The cages are empty!

We’ve achieved the impossible & rescued 47 animals from the Rafah zoo. They are now ready for the trip to their new home. This journey is far from over. Please support their recovery from a horrible past.

Update 4/7/2019: The rescue has started! 
The last hours were probably the most nerve-wracking hours of our lives! Thanks to the hard work of our team and the full support of the authorities, we are able to start the loading of the first animals in their transport crates. But we are not there yet... The animals have still a long trip to their new, lifelong homes. Please stay tuned and support our mission.

Update March 2019: 

Since the 25th of March, FOUR PAWS has been trying to enter Gaza to rescue the animals of Rafah Zoo. Due to military escalation, all borders entering Gaza were closed and the team was not able to proceed. After evaluation of the current situation and with possible further military escalation FOUR PAWS has postponed the mission until the situation is safe enough for our team to enter Gaza. 

With the help of local supporters in Gaza the animals are receiving necessary food and water for the time being. The FOUR PAWS team is on standby currently and is determined to rescue the animals of Rafah Zoo as soon as the situation is safe enough to do so. 

The Rafah Zoo in the Gaza Strip is truly a zoo of sorrows. Malnourished and sick animals suffer in barren cages, while dead animals have been stuffed and propped up to attract visitors. Frequent military attacks have killed and maimed many animals over the past 15 years and have only added to the horrible conditions of Gaza’s oldest zoo.

Sadly, the suffering at Rafah Zoo is not limited to malnutrition and severe conditions. In a process comparable to removing all 10 human fingers to the first knuckle, a young lioness recently had her claws removed with garden shears. To reduce the risk of injury when playing with children, they put her through dangerous and excruciating pain. 

Last month, four lion cubs froze to death due to lack of proper shelter and unusually cold weather sweeping the region. 

With your help, we want to bring the remaining animals to safety and end their suffering.

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