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UPDATE: The prison bears are all happy, safe and enjoying their new life at their forever home BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. The bears are recovering from their traumatic pasts and have been released to their outdoor enclosures where they roam free, forage for food, swim and play with one another. 

Your support provides for the future of the prison bears and others just like them we are fighting to save. Thank you! 


Rows of cages lined up on one farm in Southeast Vietnam hold suffering bile bears who lay motionless and lethargic in their cages. Trapped with no support but rusty metal bars beneath them, the nameless bears suffer in their prison with only numbers on their cages to identify them. An unforgiving sentence for these innocent bears.

We are fighting to rescue 6 abused and desperate bears from this 'mega farm'. During her initial visit, our veterinarian was reminded of 'a production line that shamelessly exploits for profit'.

The abused and broken bears were a hard sight to see, even for our seasoned rescuers. Some show signs of catatonic resignation, an immobile state as a result of hopelessness and severe mental trauma. All of the prison bears displayed disturbing behavioral signs: One bear had been driven to such a point of desperation that he had started drinking his own urine.

Many of the bears have lost the majority of their fur and were 'treated' with motor oil by their owners. Another bear is missing a paw. All are in desperate need of medical attention, professional care, and freedom. 

Please help us make this rescue a success so we can bring the bears to their new home at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. Here, they can finally recover from the horrors and trauma they have lived through while roaming the oasis we have built for them. Our dedicated team of experts will help them regain their strength and give them the lives they deserve. 

With your help, their suffering can end.