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EMERGENCY: Help us end the suffering of animals in Islamabad ZOO for GOOD

UPDATE: Kaavan has been rescued! He has safely arrived at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary where he is now preparing for his new life! Like Kaavan, there are still animals at the Pakistan Zoo who need your support. Your donation can help give them a new life full of care and love. 


About 30 animals are living in misery at the Marghazar Zoo, in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Bears, wolves, monkeys, deers, rabbits, suffering daily due to extremely poor health care and inexperienced staff. The two Himalayan brown bears, one male and one female, lost all their teeth and need special care. The monkeys struggle to survive on extremely small cages. 

In 2016, FOUR PAWS made an assessment report of the establishment with clear recommendations for improvements of food and physical care of the animals as well as a veterinary training program and health treatment guidelines. However, the Zoo has consistently ignored FOUR PAWS recommendations, neglecting its animals and leaving many to die. The Islamabad Supreme Court has ordered the immediate closure of the area and approved the relocation of all the animals. This is a huge milestone for the country not only because of the fate of the animals in Islamabad zoo but also because it will open doors for the promotion of more animal welfare policies in the future.  

This is a ray of hope to the many animals that are still managing to survive in these precarious conditions. We now have a chance to help the local authorities to close down the Zoo. This mission has to be fast but together with the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, we want to provide not only a new home for the Islamabad animals but also all the care they have been missing: proper veterinary checks, spacious enclosures, food, clean water and a place to recover.  

Without the support of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, the Pakistani authorities and the local community, American businessman Eric S. Margolis as well as our partners from Free The Wild, and last but not least, supporters like you, this mission would have not been possible.

We can only do this with the support of people like you who cannot stand to witness this level of animal abuse. 

How can you help?

Your support today will make a difference:

  • $15 will help feed a starving bear 
  • $50 will help provide medical care and support the animals' recovery
  • $90 will support the animals' transport to their new enclosures
  • A generous gift of $150 will help FOUR PAW's continuous work to create a better world for animals, worldwide.

 Help us to end the suffering of captive animals in the Islamabad ZOO.