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Orangutans Need Your Help

Right now, Orangutans in Indonesia are on the brink of extinction due to rapid deforestation and shrinking habitats. They are the victims of the palm oil, tropical timber, and coal industries. On palm oil plantations, they are often killed for money, as they are considered to be "crop thieves." The killing of these incredible animals leaves many vulnerable young orangutan orphans exposed in the rainforest, and many end up being illegally sold by animal dealers as pets.

That’s why we’re leading the fight against the extermination of these beautiful great apes. Unlike many other mammals, an orangutan does not come into the world fully developed. Like a human, they have to learn. Therefore, together with our Indonesian partner organization Jejak Pulang, we have built a forest school for orphaned orangutans where they are cared for and trained by humans over several years in order to be released again into the wild as self-sufficient adults.

But our work to protect vulnerable animals — from endangered orangutans and captive bears to elephants, wild horses and more — is only possible because of generous people like you. With your help, we can scale up our operations. Your gift today can help create a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy, and understanding.

Make your 100% tax-deductible contribution now and help us rescue and protect animals everywhere.