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URGENT: Our Largest Vietnam Bear Rescue...

***UPDATE: 3/15/2019 Two more farmers have agreed to hand over their bears to our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. The rescue mission will now bring 5 bears to a better life. Follow our Facebook acount for more updates on this and other rescues!


Despite several announcements by the Vietnamese government to close all bile bear farms, hundreds of bears are still suffering in small, cramped cages and being abused to extract their bile. All these bears know is loneliness and pain.

Supporters are helping FOUR PAWS change that. In the past year, you have helped rescue 17 suffering bears and bring them home to our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

Our next mission was set to rescue 7 severely abused bile bears from 3 farms in the Dong Nai province in Southeast Vietnam. We have since received heartbreaking and highly disturbing news from our bear team on-site. On one farm, all 4 bears died in just one week and shortly before they were going to finally see freedom. 

We are deeply troubled by this development and are doing our best to bring the three remaining bears to the safety of our BEAR SANCTUARY as quickly as possible. After years of being caged and tortured for their bile, these bears deserve all the love and care they can get. The lush enclosures and dedicated team will soon help them forget the horrors they have lived. Your donation will help us bring the remaining bears to safety and prevent further harm.