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You can end decades of suffering...

Update 8/20/2019: Suzana and Bruno are recovering safely at our partner project Bear Refuge Kuterevo. Bruno has settled in nicely and enjoys roaming around his forest enclosure. Suzana is still getting used to her new freedom and chooses to stay in the safety of her comfortable bear house while she adjusts. 

As Bruno is much older the team has decided that Bear Refuge Kuterevo will be Bruno's forever home in order to avoid another stressful transport to another sanctuary. Once Suzana has recovered fully and is healthy enough, she will be transported to our Dancing Bears Park Belitsa. 

Suzana and Bruno’s lives have been shaped by decades of suffering. While we do not know what happened to them exactly, it is clear that these bears are in desperate need of our help.

  • Suzana is approximately 20 years old and was most likely born in a circus before she was transferred to the private zoo where she has been living ever since. Suzana has only known small concrete cells as her home and we are fighting to change that.

  • Bruno has been at the zoo for almost 20 years as well. Unlike Suzana, Bruno did not grow up here but was transferred from one zoo to the next his whole life. At almost 40 years old, Bruno deserves to live out his final years in sanctuary, where he can finally be free.

The decades of confinement have left their marks on Suzana as she shows severe stereotypic behavior, spending her days gnawing at her paws and walking in circles. Her lack of cover makes her especially stressed and she has resorted to threatening observers that come too close to her cage.

Bruno is now being fed with cookies and sweets and shows signs of dental disease. Our team of experts observed Bruno to be very disoriented and noted that he seems to have lost most, if not all of his vision. 

We're willing to go to any means necessary to rescue and care for these bears. Our bear sanctuaries around the world offer species-appropriate accommodations for our rescued bears as well as a natural habitat to recover, a quarantine station looking after the new arrivals, veterinary station and a bear kitchen catering to the often starved bears on a sprawling site. We take this very same approach with animals all over the world, including tigers, elephants, horses, and orangutans.

But our work is only possible because of generous people like you. With your help, we can scale up our operations. Your gift today can help create a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy, and understanding.

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